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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
xas 1f7fb7c704e27b311427c5e6e34839af55d3bd25   3 years kevin updated documentation

Base Modules

xas-collector 77a93ef643cec1754ed1c273835652462a213b4e   4 years kevin updated the readme file

Modules for the Collector

xas-darkpan 83e220990d943371ba5063086098041c673cbe8b   3 years kevin seems to be working

Darkpan (another private CPAN inplementation)

xas-logmon e9bcbcd5e0719133b211cebfcb6227915caf28b5   7 years kevin updating documentation

Log File Monitoring

xas-metrics 2401ef4764cbde1540deb53ef33ab047e50f047b   6 years kevin updated documentation

Collect Performance Metrics

xas-model c478ee18569a7e74552fde4e97804604670b88ee   3 years kevin bumped the revision number, bug fixes

Database Abstraction Layer

xas-rexec 5367d870c0db9dda14004d59047e2c9b4d207f24   6 years kevin updated some documentation

Remote Execution Micro Service

xas-service db42c92bf88ca83b48bd4745191d0bbe8d4427e2   3 years kevin fixing templates

Modules for implementing micro services

xas-spooler 9609b1e63bd1b06e1578e70f7a491ed18c8e7eee   6 years kevin fixed a typo

Modules for the Spooler

xas-supervisor 4d996fc1504a2bb19a37c98f2f1f698cc9cabb3e   6 years kevin updated MANIFEST

Modules for the Supervisor

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