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1XAS Logmon - A log file processor for the XAS Environment
4XAS is a set of modules, procedures and practices to help write
5consistent Perl5 code for an operations environment. For the most part,
6this follows the Unix tradition of small discrete components that
7communicate in well defined ways.
9This system is cross platform capable. It will run under Windows as well
10as Unix like environments without a code rewrite. This allows you to
11write your code once and run it wherever.
13Installation of this system is fairly straight forward. You can install
14it in the usual Perl fashion or there are build scripts for creating
15Debian and RHEL install packages. Please see the included README for
18This package provides the modules and procedures to provide log file
19monitoring. The log files are parsed and the resulting records are
20written to the spool directory, where the spooler forwards them to the
21message queue server. Once queued, the collector can process them
22and store them into the appropriate datastore.
24Extended documentation is available at:
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